A Gift for the New Grandma

Basket ID#758

“We want the gift to be for the Grandmother, not for the baby” my client instructed me. So I came up with several items that could be included in a fun and unique carry-all bag that ISN’T a diaper bag but can certainly be used to carry supplies for the baby and for Grandma…and the best part of this bag? It literally lights up when a button is pressed on the attached cord flashing around the four sectioned photo montage on the outside of the bag.  Now that is definitely one way to draw attention to your grandchildren!  In the bag I included a Grandma mug along with assorted teas for her to sip on, and snacks to munch on why she reads through the inspiring grandparent stories in Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul, and another fun and enlightening book about things to do as a new grandparent.  I also included a picture frame where she can display photos of her beloved grandchild.   I happened to be able to hand deliver this gift to the recipient…and she was THRILLED with it.

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